Eura-Mobil Motorhome Power Management Replacement.

Eura-Mobil motorhome power management replacement.

We installed an uninterrupted power supply into a Mercedes motorhome. We did this by using a Victron control system and AGM batteries. We carried out this motorhome power management upgrade so our customer could use his motorhome as a mobile office. He required a reliable system with a comprehensive display that would show all the levels and the charge and discharge currents.

We started by removing the original motorhome power management system. This system was old and had become very unreliable. We installed a 2Kva Victron Multiplus to supply the mains battery charging and the inverter.

We installed a 275 watt solar panel in addition to the 100 watt solar panel that was already installed. These panels were connected to their own Victron MPPT charge controllers.

Installing large solar panels is a very cost effective way of making an off grid motorhome. If you use the 275 watt domestic panels you will get a useful amount of power to recharge your batteries or to run appliances. The panel will need to be connected using a MPPT charge controller, we use Victron MPPT charge controllers as the quality is almost unmatched. If you have lots of space on your roof Install multiple solar panels. On larger vehicles it is sometimes possible to get between 1000 and 2000 watt systems, if you want to run motorhome air-conditioning or any large AC draw off grid then these systems make it possible.

We installed a Dometic TEC29LPG generator, this was under slung and fuelled by a Galsow refillable gas bottle system that we had also installed. One of the main benefits of installing a Victron control system and a Dometic TEC29LPG is the generator will be started automatically when the batteries require recharging. This feature allows the system to work silently for the majority of the time, if the batteries require charging the generator will fire automatically.

Dometic generators are designed to be installed into leisure vehicles. You have a number of fuel choices, petrol generators, LPG generators and Diesel generators. Diesel generators are far heavier than the petrol and LPG options. 

If you have a large motorhome it is possible to install a Diesel generator and connect it to the vehicles diesel tank. If diesel is not an option we usually install LPG generators, this is mainly due to the fact that most motorhome already have an LPG supply that can be used. If we were to install a petrol generator we would also need to install an additional fuel tank.

If you choose to replace you gas bottles with a refillable system there are 2 choices:
• Refillable cylinders. Refillable cylinders replace your existing cylinders and will be installed into your gas locker. An external gas point is then installed externally of the gas box that will allow you to refill the cylinders at the petrol station.
• Under slung gas tanks. Under slung gas tanks are fitted under the vehicle and are bolted to the chassis. The main benefits of under slung gas tanks is you can increase the amount of gas you can carry and you regain the gas locker for additional storage.

The Victron Multiplus and Colour control also allows power sharing. It is possible to set the colour control to limit the amount of power being taken from the shore power. For example if you are in Italy and you only have a 4 amp supply from the campsite you can tell the colour control. The Victron Colour control will then only take 4 amps from the campsite, it will then invert the rest of the required current to run all the appliances in the motorhome. This means you will not blow the site electrics when running multiple appliances at the same time.

We installed a Victron Colour control, this display showed the battery levels and the charge and discharge currents. This panel controlled the running of generator, if the batteries dropped below a certain level the generator would automatically start to recharge the batteries, once the batteries were charged it would stop the generator. 

We also programed the start stop feature so the generator would not start automatically between the hours of 10pm and 7am to ensure it did not disturb the sleep of the owner. The colour control was also connected by a can-bus system to the waste and water level senders, so these were also displayed on the screen. The MPPT charge controllers were connected so the charge current of the PV could be displayed.

We installed a Dometic Fresh Jet 3200 air-conditioning unit, this could be run while the vehicle was in motion by using power supplied by the engine alternator through a 250 amp voltage sensitive Victron relay. Dometic air-conditioning is an excellent addition to any motorhome. The following sizes are available
• Freshjet 1100. For vehicles up to 5 meters in length. Rooftop air-conditioning
• Freshjet 1700. For vehicles up to 6 meters in length. Rooftop air-conditioning
• Freshjet 2200. For vehicles up to 7 meters in length. Rooftop air-conditioning
• Freshjet 3200. For vehicles over 8 meters in length. Rooftop air-conditioning
• Freshlight 1600. For vehicles up to 6 meters in length. Rooftop air-conditioning with integrated skylight
• Freshlight 2200. For vehicles up to 7 meters in length. Rooftop air-conditioning with integrated skylight
• Freshwell 3000. For vehicles up to 8 meters in length. Under bunk air-conditioning

Click here for more information on Dometic Air-conditioning

We installed three 92 AH Duracell AGM batteries to supply power to the system. There are a number of different batteries that can be used in a motorhome, the type of battery used will depend on you power requirements.

If you would like to discuss you requirements please contact us.



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