Ex Library Vehicle Motorhome

We were approached by a customer wanting to move out of their rented accommodation and live full time in their vehicle. The customer had bought a 16 tonne ex library vehicle.

The main advantage was that the vehicle came with a 1000ah of batteries at 24V. We calculated his power requirements for all year round usage and installed the following system:

We installed 1080W of solar, using four 270 watt panels secured to the roof running through Victron MPPT solar charge controllers. We installed 3 Kva Victron multi plus and a 260amp split charge system. This was all connected to the 1000ah batteries enabling the customer to live completely off grid.

We also installed an AC and DC wiring loom to allow functionality of all of the fitted equipment. 

With the power management side sorted we then needed to install plumbing and heating. The decision was made to install a Webasto wet central heating system. The main benefit was that this is a diesel central heating system which is run off the main diesel tanks of the bus. We installed a Webasto Thermotop 90. This is a 9KW diesel heater. We installed a plate heat exchanger connected to the engine coolant. We installed an isotherm 40lt calofire water heater and domestic radiators.

This design was very versatile. It allowed the hot water to be heated by the diesel heater, it allowed the domestic central heating radiators to be heated by the diesel heater but it also allowed all the domestic central heating radiators to be heated using the engine coolant during the winter months when the vehicle engine is running. The water heater also had a 1200W 240V AC heating elements which allowed water heating during the summer months to be run from the solar.

We also installed a 40lt underslung LPG gas tank. This LPG was solely to run the Thetford gas oven.

We installed 110lt water and waste tanks as the customer needed a lot more water to run the washing machine which incidentally does not need to be plugged into the mains to run.

We also installed a 6 meter Thule 8000 awning looks lost on the side of the vehicle. Finally we installed a Dometic HDC275 275lt 24v compressor fridge.

This truly is a motorHOME.

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