Vintage Airstream Caravan renovation

We were first contacted by the customer to carry out a power management installation to a bare Airstream shell, but as the job progressed, we were requested to carry out further works.  What we ended up building was a handmade,… Continue Reading →

Lithium Batteries installed in a Swift Motorhome to power medical equipment.

We were asked to supply a battery system to supply enough power to reliability run medical breathing equipment over night in a motorhome As the medical equipment could be operated using a 12v supply it was not necessary to install… Continue Reading →

Off grid power management system installed into a 2015 Chausson motorhome.

We were asked to supply a system that would invert the whole motorhome so all the equipment could be used when the customer was not plugged in the mains. We achieved this by installing the following system:  We installed a… Continue Reading →

Lithium Battery installation onto a Swift Motorhome

We were asked to design a system which would allow the operation of two rooftop air-conditioners while the vehicle was not plugged into a 240v mains supply and while the vehicle is in motion. We decided to use two Dometic… Continue Reading →

Lithium batteries and a Victron power management system installed in a new B├╝rstner Motorhome

We were requested to design a system to supply an uninterrupted 240v supply to allow the client to run his business while touring Europe in his Motorhome. The power management system we installed in the motorhome consisted of a 2KVA… Continue Reading →

Full Goldschmitt Motorhome air suspension

Full Goldschmitt Motorhome air suspension installed on a Hymer Motorhome. This vehicle was slightly different to a normal motorhome air suspension installation as the customer wanted to upgrade the payload of the chassis.  It is possible to upgrade a single… Continue Reading →

Special vehicle

The Life Boat Station Project Ambulance, Neena. The Life Boat Station Project was founded by Jack Lowe.  His passion for photography and his love of the RNLI lead Jack to embark on a mission to tour the country photographing the… Continue Reading →

Autotrail Cheyenne 840D Power management upgrade

We were requested by the customer to upgrade his power management system as he planned to live and work from his motorhome. The first stage of the upgrade was to remove the out dated and unreliable Sargent power system installed… Continue Reading →

Lithium Motorhome Batteries

Lithium-Ion Phosphate Motorhome batteries (A.K.A. Li-Ion) have been around for some time now, the price has begun to drop following mass production from companies like Tesla. The main difference I have seen is that the quality is improving, you can… Continue Reading →

Ex Library Vehicle Motorhome

We were approached by a customer wanting to move out of their rented accommodation and live full time in their vehicle. The customer had bought a 16 tonne ex library vehicle.   The main advantage was that the vehicle came… Continue Reading →

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