Dometic Service and Warranty

We are able to offer mobile warranty for Dometic products which are within their warranty period. We are also able to offer spare parts for Dometic products. Please fill in the form below, this will give us the required information to process your enquiry.

On a caravan this would be the CRIS number, this can be found on the windows.  On a Motorhome this will be the vehicle converters serial number or build number.
On a motorhome this is the chassis number, this can be found on the chassis plate on the bonnet slam panel.
This can be found on the appliance data label.  This label will be a sticker on the appliance, on cooking appliances it can sometimes be under the appliance.
This can be found on the same label as the product number.
Please give as much information as possible on the fault.  For example 'fridge not working' will not help us progress your claim.