Goldschmitt Anti-roll bars

We are proud to announce we have bee assigned as a Goldschmitt dealer for the UK and Ireland.  If you would like more information please contact 01271 542424.

Goldschmitt Anti-Roll bars have the task of reducing the lateral inclination of a vehicle when cornering. A stabiliser consists of a curved rod connecting the two wheels of one axle. The middle part of the stabilizer is rotatably mounted on the structure, while the two lever arms are connected to the suspension of the front or rear axle. If a wheel cushions when cornering, then the stabiliser not only prevents the rebound movement of the opposite wheel, it also provides for the additional deflection of the other wheel. 

If you spring both wheels simultaneously, for example, when driving over a bump, so the stabiliser remains ineffective. The actual spring characteristic thus remains unchanged when driving straight ahead. The lateral inclination and the lateral wind sensitivity of your vehicle are successfully suppressed by a stabiliser. This increases driving safety especially when cornering, overtaking maneuvers and when passing oncoming trucks, buses or motorhomes.

Changing direction or crosswinds can cause vehicles with a high centre of gravity to sway easily and quickly or to wobble (picture left). A stabiliser is used to connect the wheels of an axle, thus significantly reducing the lateral and roll inclination (picture on the right).